Paprika Powder

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Product name:                      paprika powder

Trade name:                      capsicum annuum L.

ASTA                              20-220 ASTA

SHU                               under 300shu


Main processing :  worker selection-pass stoner-dry (water) wash machine-dry machine-worker selection-crushed machine-milling machine-metal detector-packing-in stock


Chemical values

Aflatoxin  B1(Max)    5 µg/kg Max.

Aflatoxin  B1+b2+G1+G2(Max.)              10µg/kg Max.

Ochratoxin  A(Max)                        15 µg/kg

Pesticides                  Chlorpyrifos      Max:0.05mg/kg,according to EU standard

                       Parathion        Max:0.05mg/kg,,according to EU standard

Methamidophos  Max:0.05mg/kg,according to EU standard

                           Pyrimethanil     Max:0.05mg/kg,according to EU standard

                           Chlormequat     Max:0.1mg/kg,according to EU standard

Additives                   Absent, According to EU standard

Heavy Metals               Cd: 1,0 ppm, pb:2,0 ppm, Hg:1,0ppm,AS:1,0 ppm


Microbiological values

Parameters                             Maximum value(cfu/gr)

Escherichia coli(Max.)                       3 cfu/g             

Staphylococcus aureus(Max.)                 3 cfu/g           

Bacillus cereus                              100 cfu/g          -

Yeasts and Moulds (Max)                   3500-10000 cfu/g           -

Salmonella /25g                             Negative

Cfu/g= colony forming unit/gram

Physical  Characteristies

Moisture                         Max.10%             

Total Ash                          8.5%  Max.            

Acid insoluble in HC1               0.1%                

Foreign bodies                 Absent(including metal,glass,stones,insects and animal residues)


Packaging storage and transport

Storage conditions    Cool(<20),dark and dry

Min. shelflife    18 months under the above mentioned conditions in original,

unopened packaging

Packaging            25kgs/kraft bag

Net weight            25kgs or as clients requirement 

Capacity            20GP     16TONS,     

40GP    24~30 TONS 

  • Classification:Paprika Powder
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