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    1. Deep fried tenderloin0536-4798000
    1. Golden Chicken chops0536-4798000
    1. Crispy chicken rice flower0536-4798000
    1. Finger sucking with wing0536-4798000
    1. Tongxi chicken hamburger0536-4798000
    1. Lucky star chicken nuggets0536-4798000
    1. Snow chicken fillet0536-4798000
    1. Fried chicken chops0536-4798000
    1. Breadcrumbs0536-4798000
    1. Breadcrumbs0536-4798000
    1. Chili patse0536-4798000
    1. Chili patse0536-4798000
    1. Orleans leg row0536-4798000
    1. Brittle bone connection0536-4798000
    1. Popcorn chicken0536-4798000
    1. Unparalleled sword wings0536-4798000
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    Anqiu Tongxi Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. was established in September 2001. The company is located in Anqiu City, Weifang, Shandong P...


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