Paprika Pod

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Product name:                      paprika pods 180-250 ASTA

Trade name:                      capsicum annuum L.

Country of original:                  China

HS code:                          0904210000


Aflatoxin  B1(Max)    5 µg/kg Max.

Aflatoxin  B1+b2+G1+G2(Max.)              10µg/kg Max.

Ochratoxin  A(Max)                        15 ppb

Additives                   Absent


Parameters                             Maximum value(cfu/gr)

Escherichia coli(Max.)                       3 cfu/g             

Staphylococcus aureus(Max.)                 3 cfu/g           

Bacillus cereus                              100 cfu/g          -

Salmonella /25g                             Negative

Moisture                        17%-19%

Storage conditions    Cool(<20),dark and dry

Packaging             60kgs/vacuum bags , 25lbs/cartons

Net weight            25kgs or as clients requirement 

Capacity             20GP     15TONS,(vacuum packages)    

40GP      18.~30 TONS (it depends package)

  • Classification:Paprika Pods
  • Hotline:0536-4798000
  • Contacts:Manager Bi

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